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Are you in search of a luxurious, spacious, and private vehicle tailored for a couple, family, or business journey in Albania? Look no further than B&E Albania Travel & Transport. We understand the diverse needs of our customers and are dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions. Annually, we enhance our contemporary fleet by integrating luxurious vans, ensuring an unmatched travel experience within Albania.

With a fleet exceeding 10 of these functional and cozy vehicles, B&E Albania Travel & Transport promises a journey like no other.

Strategically positioned with depots in key locations within Albania, we not only present competitive prices for bus rental services but also assure prompt response times.

Whatever your transportation needs within Albania, B&E Albania Travel & Transport stands ready to deliver the ideal solution. Our specialized team of multilingual professionals in the transport department is at your disposal, providing personalized assistance around the clock.

At B&E Albania Travel & Transport, we prioritize the trust, satisfaction, and comfort of our customers. This commitment is evident in our choice of vehicles from renowned brands, ensuring regular maintenance for a secure, top-quality, and pleasant ride within the beautiful landscapes of Albania.

Our vans, designed for luxurious and comfortable touring, are the perfect solution for accommodating mini groups, families, private travel groups of businessmen, or couples within Albania. These vans offer spacious and comfortable seating for up to 10 persons.

Moreover, they come fully equipped with premium features, including air-conditioning, 2-point seat belts, a heating and ventilation system, satellite GPS navigation, and advanced safety systems such as ESP, ABS, and ASR.

These vans are exceptional for a variety of purposes, including transfers, city tours, and long-distance tourist travel, ensuring a delightful and secure journey for every passenger. Discover the joy of traveling in style and comfort with B&E Albania Travel & Transport.

Exceptional for transfers, city tours and long-distance tourist travel!

8 + 1 seats
Satellite GPS navigation
TV and DVD
Heating and ventilation system
Safety features EBS, BA, ABS, ASR
All seats equipped with seat belts




Safety record, accidents free

Passenger comfort – Luxurious

Top-rated maintenance