About Us

Vision and Values

We have our vision and a set of values which unites us and supports  in our growth objectives .Our vision is ” making the special experience of traveling “. This is what we believe, making  that our values support our vision . They  are more than words and form the basis of how the ” Bruno &  Eni Travel “ works, they are essential in the way we operate, helps us to find a way to establish contact with clients, associates, with each other and with the world in width.

Our values are:

Leading clients

We respect customers and do not forget that they choose us to spend their  free time. In  this relationship we have the task maintaining honesty and trust. We anticipate their wishes and we do everything  to give the best to them.

Responsible Leadership

We are committed to sustainable development and have a positive impact on society. We know that leadership must be earned and never take it  for guaranteed. Ouer  simple and straight forward comunication  helps us develop.

Leading values

We are looking for opportunities that have a competitive advantage for us and add value to our customer experience. In 3 years , we anticipate and bring to the  market new products in terms of passing the leisure time.That’ s why we must be the best .

Determined to win

We are passionate about bringing the best and to win with integrity and honesty . We are in search of ideas and trends to change  the market of passing leisure time and act quickly to put into action the ideas and  trends for our customers.  We are focused in the  team work. We are not afraid to make bold decisions . Our company wands to offer new opportunities every day and we love what we do.